Kantar introduces the second iteration of its Creative Effectiveness Awards.


For customers all across the world, Kantar, the top provider of marketing data and analytics, evaluated more than 13,000 different creatives in 2021. One hundred and thirty-plus (1%) of the creatives were tested just in India.

The advertisements that were most successful and inventive in India in 2021 have been revealed by Kantar today. These awards are special since the jury is made up of customers. People’s purchasing power determines a brand’s fortunes, and their voice determines what constitutes good advertising. The India research evaluated over 350 advertisements across categories, marketplaces, target demographics, and media platforms.

Kantar has recognised the best television advertisements across five product categories: food and beverage, personal care, durables, and home care & services. Additionally, Kantar includes a unique section on social concerns that features this edition’s.Un-stereotype is a campaign that celebrates gender-inclusive advertising.

The emphasis will remain on digital-based creatives in the present and the future. Kantar has given awards to exceptional performers in the “under 6 seconds” and “over 6 seconds” categories for bringing to life the fascinating narrative potential in the digital era.

All advertisements serve as prime examples of the fundamental qualities of being persuasively crafted and artistically captivating.

Soumya Mohanty, Managing Director & Chief Client Officer, Insights Division, Kantar, commented on the winners of this year’s competition, saying, “The spread of ads that consumers have perceived to be both creative and effective is an affirmation of the fact that the space for creativity even in the context of marketing ROI is infinite. While there isn’t a secret recipe for making these advertisements, we can start with the correct components and hone them by putting them to the test with customers. Working with some of the top marketers in India, Kantar is happy to offer the knowledge we have gained in this field.

Strategic Sparks by Kantar, recognised for successful and innovative TV advertising.

Indians enjoy riding satisfying narrative arcs: Stories foster empathy, engagement, and strong memories, all of which may be used to affect how customers perceive and react to businesses.

A little drama is helpful: Even the most repeated ideas are elevated when just the proper amount and sort of spice is added via imaginative narrative and filming, making them more relatable, current, and aspirational.

It is OK to use excessive visuals, and Indians are willing to suspend disbelief for a well-made movie.

Add emotional depth: Emotional contexts have the power to warm consumers to even the coldest functional categories.

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