Sanfe launches their #SanfeRazorlution campaign.


Sanfe, the top women’s grooming company in India, has launched its new digital campaign called #SanfeRazorlution. With the new campaign, Sanfe hopes to normalise face shaving, a relatively simple, painless, and practical practice, among women between the ages of 18 and 35.

The ad aims to inform women that shaving their faces is both a revolution and a new standard. To dispel certain fallacies, provide correct information, and open up a dialogue, it also highlights the advantages of shaving one’s face.

Women have recently fought and endured many discomforts due to complex and untidy hair removal procedures, including threading, waxing, epilation, and even hair removal lotions. Additionally, there has been an upsurge in shaving-related myths. Through the #SanfeRazorlution campaign, Sanfe is empowering women to actively shatter stereotypes and serve as a constant reminder never to be scared to follow their paths.

During the campaign’s exclusive debut, Mr. Harry Sehrawat, the co-founder of Sanfe, remarked that shaving the face is less common than other hair removal techniques. Due to ignorance or a lack of knowledge, many individuals do not consider shaving a safe alternative. Additionally, shaving one’s face is typically associated with guys. With the help of the hashtag campaign #SanfeRazorlution, we hope to dispel common misconceptions about face shaving and raise public awareness of the many advantages of shaving. Our campaign attempts to persuade women that shaving their faces is no longer just for males and that it is indeed a revolution and the new normal.

The Sanfe Pretty Face Razor is a unique razor that removes unwanted facial hair as well as hair from the chin, upper lip, sideburns, and peach fuzz. It is an inexpensive and painless alternative to other standard hair removal methods like waxing, which can harm the skin when used on the face.

Reasons to love it include:

– A compact, lightweight construction

– Skin-friendly stainless steel, which is.

– Removes fine hair and stubble

– Smoothes and exfoliates your skin

The Razor is manufactured of high-quality Japanese steel and has a comfortable grip for easy movement. It also features a safety cover for convenient storage. Additionally, the silicone handle offers a safe and reliable grip, eliminating nicks and injuries.

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