Kellogg South Asia launches EVP


Kellogg South Asia declared the launch of its EVP (Employee Value Proposition), extending its values as an employer to potential and existing talent. With an overwhelming EVP statement ‘NOURISH YOUR GRRREAT’, Kellogg South Asia aims to help its internal customers realize true talent by providing opportunities to grow.

The EVP will come to existence through three strategic pillars- ‘Be the Real You’, ‘Do a World of Good’ and ‘Make a Mark’, and will be communicated with all employees across retail, corporate and the shop-floor in an indulging format and reflect in the company’s external communications at the same time across all its major platforms in the future.

The EVP will give much more meaning to Kellogg’s fundamental value which is being a ‘people first’ corporate. This has already reflected in many ways in recent years where the employees required utmost attention.

Established initiatives around COVID emergency response such as ‘Kare’, which ensures the holistic growth of workforce without physical limitations, 3/4th of employees covered in training sessions in the past one year and providing 1.1 million meals to the needy amidst the lockdown, all stand proof to this fact.

The EVP will restate Kellogg’s commitment to providing employees numerous chances to make them grow, reiterate a culture where they can be themselves and do a lot of good to the customers and society around them.

Kellogg South Asia’s Employee Value Proposition came together authentically through the work of a team with people from different departments of the company to provide the most ideal perspective.

During the past year, close to 850 interactions within the organization and the FMCG sector were researched through deep-dive interviews and surveys, to make sure the EVP was focused on what employees and external clients felt about the company. The team also analyzed social and third-party mediums to know the general concord in the talent market about Kellogg as an employer.

The Managing Director of Kellogg South AsiaMohit Anand said “The launch of our EVP is a testament to everything Kellogg stands for. While the important principles of our EVP were always inclined in our organization, the external effects of our EVP will help us acquire talent on board and engage the best in the industry.

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