Khadi and village industries perceive highest-ever sales in FY21


The Khadi and village industries perceive the highest-ever turnover in FY21 despite the impact of covid-19 on production and sales.  The Khadi and Village Industries Commission(KVIT) which is established as an apex body under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSME) for the assistance, to plan, facilitate, organize in the overall development of these Industries in rural India. It said that this industry reported the highest-ever turnover during the financial year 2020-21 despite the covid impact of manufacturing and sales and its total production is observed 101 per cent growth as compared to FY16 that is the gross sales is raised by 128.66 per cent.

The KVIC caused the launch of its products such as Khadi e-portal, Khadi masks, Khadi footwear, Khadi Prakritik Paint, Khadi hand sanitisers, etc., disposing of a record number of new Prime Minister‟s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) units and recent Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI)clusters, government’s shove to Swadeshi and KVIC’s accords with paramilitary forces for the supply of facilities for increased sales. The sales of products of the village industry were at Rs 92,214.03 crores in FY21 about Rs 84,675.29 crores in FY20. And its production had risen from Rs 65,393.40 crs in FY20 to Rs 70,329.67 crs in FY21.

All Khadi manufacturing units and sales outlets too were closed during this time of the pandemic, which seriously affected the overall production and sales of these industries. But in the financial year 2020, KVIC noted a 7.71 per cent growth in gross annual turnover to Rs 95,741.74 crores from Rs 88,887 crores, even as the manufacturing was hanged for over three months during last year’s lockdown declared on March 25. It was declared by the KVIC in a statement by the MSME Ministry.

 Many government orders were received last year. They had started the online sales and it helped in their growth also and it is because during the pandemic there was no sale. Besides, after khadi outlets were permitted to open last year, hostile marketing was tackled and customers also started obtaining local products as told by KVIC Chairman, Vinai Kumar Saxena. It adjoined above 527 new Khadi institutions and served over 50,000 new charkhas and around 10,000 looms that have been added to the production. And last year, over 28 lakh masks were sold. The impact of the second wave will be there, so they will plan on growth once the lockdown lifts.

Then looking at the production and sales in the khadi sector, immersed in spinning and weaving activities across India took a major hit during the pandemic. And the production reduced to Rs 1904.49 crores from Rs 2292.44 crores in FY20 and the sales shrunk to Rs 3527.71 in FY21 from Rs 4211.26 crore a preceding year.

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