Koan Advisory Group survey proves OSFPs increase sports engagement in fans


Koan Advisory Group, a New Delhi-based consulting firm finds online Fantasy Sports Platforms (OFSPs) to be the next big thing for engaging sports fans, according to its recent report, “Building a Sporting Culture in India through Online Fantasy Sports”.
The report is based on the findings of an online survey of approximately 7,300 OFSP users from 29 states/UTs across India. The survey includes information on the experience of people taking part in online fantasy sports contests and how it impacts their interaction with sports.
OFSPs have features and offer to ensure user engagement and retention. Over 60 percent of respondents were found happy with their overall experience participating in online fantasy sports contests.
A large majority agreed that OFSPs encouraged them to explore new sports, leagues, and players, which they were not aware of. They also agreed to the fact that sports consumption has become more interesting and different after OFSP.
To build teams for fantasy sports contests, users regularly follow player statistics and even their previous live matches. Over 70 percent of respondents strongly agreed that studying these statistics and research made a significant difference in their fantasy sports performance.

54.94 percent of the respondents strongly agreed that their knowledge of sports increased, and they began following new sports after joining online fantasy sports. While cricket continues to be the biggest driving force, the quantity of user engagement with other sports such as football, kabaddi, handball, volleyball, and basketball is increasing gradually.
Recognizing this potential, major leagues have stepped in including America’s National Basketball Association Championships, which is now partnering with OFSPs to provide an engaging viewership opportunity to the fans.
User engagement is not only limited to sports or teams but also extends as a community-building tool on social media. Around 60 percent of the respondents started actively interacting with like-minded sports heads after joining the online fantasy sports platforms.
OFSP-s are capable of cultivating deep sports interest faster than other mediums might. The report, therefore, recommends that consumer engagement and satisfaction must continue to be at the center of future policy efforts to strengthen the entertainment market.

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