Kromek Group plc. Introduces D3 personal radiation detector (PRD)


Kromek Group plc. A multinational manufacturer of detection equipment focused on the medical, defense, and nuclear industries are delighted to announce the introduction of D3 PRD, the latest all-in-one, high-precision personal radiation detector (PRD) for first responders, armed forces, border protection, and CBRNE specialists.

The D3 PRD constantly tracks the amount of gamma radiation, equips security forces to safeguard against the threat of nuclear contamination and the illegal transport of radioactive materials. Built to satisfy the needs of the PRD industry, Kromek is extending its current line of wearable radiation detectors. The D3 PRD is an all-in-one system with interchangeable batteries that blends into a traditional PRD style of use. It monitors and notifies users of gamma doses while also storing spectral information that can be accessed and evaluated offline by a professional individual, if appropriate.

The new device blends a compact form factor (pocket size) with a detector that is significantly larger than that of certain rivals. It helps users to measure radiation at twice the time, from twice the distance, and with better sensitivity (detection content at half the strength) than the existing state-of-the-art detectors.  The built-in screen notifies consumers of radiation with a high dose precision of ±10 percent and has an industry-leading ultra-low false alarm rate that is more than six times greater than the ANSI standard set by the US government.

Also, Kromek’s CIRIS configuration program helps users to change the device settings for individual programs, including raising the warning threshold. The E-Learning app helps users to take advantage of on-the-go immersive training to ensure that all frontline staff can be conveniently fitted with the device.

Dr. Arnab Basu, CEO of Kromek, said: “We are very pleased to deepen our footprint in the personal radiation detection market and extend our wearable collection. The new D3 PRD addresses the increasing consumer need for a stand-alone gamma-only system while delivering world-leading dosage precision, warning speed, and ultra-low false positive numbers. Built with ease of use in mind, the kit can be customized to particular needs and used by all frontline staff, helping to ensure that our cities and towns are secure from nuclear threats.

Kromek Group plc is a research group and a leading manufacturer of high-performance radiation detector devices focused on cadmium zinc telluride and other innovative technologies. The products of the Company offer high-resolution knowledge on material composition and structure and are used in various uses, ranging from the detection of cancerous tissues to toxic chemicals, such as bombs, to the study of radioactive materials.


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