VODA.ai Announces Partnership With Mueller To Provide Machine Learning Software


VODA.ai has recently announced a partnership with Mueller Water Products for providing machine learning software to power PipeRank virtual condition assessment technology which is delivered by Echologics.

The machine learning engine is delivered to provide accurate predictions for future water pipe failures in the near term that is within twelve months as well as in the longer terms too. Many utilities were chosen for replacing pipes based on the pipe materials, age, and also the history of prior failures. Also, these methods are significantly less accurate than the PipeRank technology powered by the VODA.ai.

Eric Stacey who is the vice president and general manager of Echologics said that the current industry best practice provides some data for identifying trends and also for generating data-supported decisions for failure planning and also for capital deployment. Also, the PipeRank technology combines the pipe degradation factors with the VODA.ai machine learning model for enabling the utilities for prioritizing every pipe segment by likelihood and also consequences of failure.

The PipeRank technology identifies pipes that failed shortly and also helps in assigning a business risk score to all segments. Also with this data, a condition assessment can then be done using the Echologics ePulse technology for diagnosing certain problems. This will make it easy for utilities to plan their operating as well as engineering programs by guiding the actions and also focusing the resources which are on the highest risk assets.

George Demosthenous who is the CEO of VODA.ai said that the relationship with the Echologics team was exciting for them. Also, their industry leadership will be introducing VODA.ai to more utilities. With this relationship, they will be working with the Echologics team for supporting smart decision making and also continue to serve the water industry.

VODA.ai uses artificial intelligence for virtually accessing the conditions of water mainly and also helping the utilities make smart decisions based on science. VODA.ai is a software as a service company which is serving utilities worldwide headquartered in Boston Massachusetts. VODA.ai’s patent-pending machine learning technology helps in finding patterns mainly from the previous pipe failures and also helps in enabling PipeRank for supporting science-based decision making. VODA.ai software also cleans data by mainly finding the missing data and anomalies by enhancing predictive accuracy as well as serving customers with other digital systems.


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