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In 2022, Bitcoin’s dominance in the crypto industry may be tested once more. Despite the fact that the recent price drop has been a huge source of concern for most Bitcoin investors, things are looking up today. From $48k, Bitcoin was almost knocked below $40. The last time Bitcoin fell this low was in September 2021.

On Sunday, though, the currency began to recover and pushed beyond $42,000. The surge was expected at some time, but the size of it and how long it will remain are yet unknown. The Federal Reserve announced that it would tighten regulations more quickly than expected, which will affect the machine.


On Saturday, Ethereum fell below $3100 for the first time in more than three months. The price of Ethereum has been plummeting across the market since the first week of January, and the market is currently swaying as the Federal Reserve tightens rules. However, Ethereum investors were relieved on Sunday, as the coin made a strong recovery from its recent lows, pushing $3200.

Ethereum’s price has decreased to $3163 at the time of writing, but it still looks healthy and could make another slight increase.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu prices increased little on Sunday, as the crypto market finally saw some reprieve, with most coins gaining only a small amount. However, unlike Bitcoin, Shiba did not experience a large increase, with the coin’s price swinging up and down for the majority of Sunday.

However, some pricing fluctuations in Shiba Inu are predicted as a result of the introduction of the Doggy DAO. The rollout will take place in stages, therefore the impact on the coin price could be felt throughout Q1 and Q1 2022.


The future products on Bitgert’s 2022 roadmap have caused a stir in the cryptocurrency market. Bitgert is projected to be one of the most innovative crypto projects of 2022, thanks to the kind DeFi ecosystem the team is creating. The beta version of the Bitgert Brise exchange was released in late February, which is one of the most interesting recent upgrades.

The Bitgert zero-gas-fee blockchain is still a hot topic in the crypto community. In the first week of January, the team was also doxed. For further information, go to Bitgert’s website.


At Centcex, a lot has been going on, and the arrival of the development team is arguably the most exciting news. Last but not least, the Centcex team doxxed, allowing investors to view the faces of the people behind the initiative. The action has boosted investor confidence in the project, which is expected to start soon.

Centcex investors have had a good week as the team revealed a bullish pricing for the week. At the time of writing, the coin has increased by more than 12% in the previous 24 hours. According to the coin’s history, the week still looks promising for Centcex investors. Visit the Centcex website for additional information.

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