Lido learning, the new way to #MakeSuccessAHabit


Over the past few years, we have seen so many educational technology programs that have helped children to climb their ladder of success. But there is indeed something that makes Lido learning, an online educational tech company, quite different.

Lido-Learning is a Mumbai-based online educational technology company that was founded by Sahil Sheth in April 2019. What makes the private educational tech company different from the others is how their classes work.

The Lido learning classes, although online, are always interactive and communicative. These classes have a teacher-student ratio of 1:6. That is for every 6 students they have their private, very own, teacher.

This helps teachers be able to interact, acknowledge and understand where their students exactly are at. Students learn with a sense of validation as to how their teachers know them personally, are constantly observing them, and more.

But with this campaign, the educational tech start-up promises #MakeSuccessAHabit. They promise to not only teach portions to students but also to help them apply what they learn in reality. In other words, India’s top platform for small tuitions, promises their students practical application of what they learn.

The campaign with its various ads, show us how a student can apply what they learn with Lido, in various fields and be successful. In a video, they display how with the help of chemistry a student was able to bake efficiently, while in another video with the help of physics a small boy was able to catch the ball in cricket.

In the final video, they show how, thanks to Lido, a student who was waiting for a bus was able to apply what she had learned in physics to locate where the bus would stop. What remains consistent in all three videos is how the teacher was aware of all his/her students’ names and hence making the interaction much easier.

This is the first time that Lido has reached the milestone of promoting their campaign ad through Television. The campaign promises to facilitate an education method that is effective, interactive, and appropriate. The campaign also promises that Lido learning will be out with more things in store.

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