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For the best part of the last two decades, Indians have been thinking highly about doing a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree as they thought the master’s degree would help them get their dream job, with highly paid salaries that would make the non-MBA people start envying them.

The Edtech industry has liked to be on the top of mind for college students and office goers over the last few 18 months. Both full-time and part-time courses for online certification have become very important for the advancement of a career in this era of the digital economy.
A report from April 2021 from RBSA Advisors stated that the Edtech industry is assured to grow over $30 billion within the next decade.

The challenge of being relevant in a rapidly changing tech world and earn good money are two of the biggest things that are driving people for enrollment in these Edtech platforms.

The Bengaluru-based online learning platform, Simplilearn is concentrating on the rewards after the completion of the course in its new campaign made by Bluebot Digital. Just think about getting your dream job or acquiring an unbelievable raise in pay; the same reward that tempted parents and students to B-schools.

Although demonstrable skills are important, the reality is that most Indian learners choose a skilling platform for it, keeping its possible placement ability in mind.
Speaking about placements, Moran says it is a very important area and the company is focusing on it.

“While making this digital learning platform, we have focused a lot on learners who are 5 to 15 years old into their careers. They want to be a programmer or project manager or marketer in their career, and now want to hasten their careers.” Moran added that Simplilearn is now focusing to help freshers.

Moran also says, “We’re a 10-year-old, medium-sized company that needs to speed itself with the rapidly changing times. We do have soft skills out there on the line but, right now, we’re aggressively pushing out the many university partnerships we have for certification and post-graduate programs, and then our actual degrees.”

“We are going to keep our focus on, while still holding the accelerator on our growth,” he signs off.

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