‘Be Made for BIG Things’: Hero Vired, the new-age edtech venture


Hero Group has announced their entry into the EdTech industry, with the launch of its new company, Hero Vired. The group has also launched a brand campaign- ‘Be Made for BIG Things’ that’s in line with the ideology and vision of the venture. The campaign is launched on social media and OTT platforms and the voiceover is done by actor Ashish Vidyarthi.

‘Be made for BIG Things’ campaign is based on the ideology that life is more than just another job. The campaign focuses on the importance of having an end-to-end learning ecosystem for the emerging new-age youth workforce. Hero Vired, as an edtech company would focus on the overall professional development of individuals and train them to be industry-ready for emerging jobs and professions.

The campaign awakens the aspirer inside all of us, who never settles for anything but the best. The brand ideology ‘Be made for BIG Things’, highlights the different goals individuals have for their future that are larger than life and constantly driving them to try new frontiers and opportunities. It’s the aspirer within who brings out a person’s true identity and distinguishes them from the crowd.

Through this new edtech venture, the Hero Vired team aims to bridge the gap between learning and employability. Their efforts will be focused on bringing a real transformation in individual lives by helping them achieve their ambitions. As a campaign, ‘Be made for BIG Things’ is designed from an inspirational standpoint to allow people to see the manifold possibilities for tomorrow. Hero Vired offers a platform that opens the doors to new realities for the modern youth, who will reshape our future.

Today’s generation is on the lookout for a larger purpose and reason for being. They are not fixated on just another job title, designation or an attractive salary package. Hero Group through their latest edtech venture, Hero Vired aims to guide individuals to show them how their dream adds a purpose to their life. The company believes that this will bring out the best in an individual and keep them committed to the vision of the organization they ultimately choose to serve.

Speaking about the ‘Be Made for BIG Things’ campaign for ‘Hero Vired’- Arun Verma, the founder and chief creative officer of AVDS said, “Hero Vired creates- youngsters who want to be made for the human race, not the rat race.”

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