LinkedIn launches in Hindi to boost opportunities


LinkedIn is the world’s great professional network, recently achieved a milestone of launching Hindi, the only regional language on LinkedIn, had the goal to support 600 million Hindi language speakers.

It currently supports 25 languages across the globe, hoping to break down linguistic barriers and provide Hindi users with more professional and networking opportunities.

On the desktop, as well as on Android and iOS, users may access their feed, profile, jobs, messaging, and create content in Hindi. Another measure would be to increase the number of work possibilities available to Hindi-speaking experts.

The platform is adding more Hindi publishers and creators upcoming days. India is an important market for growth at LinkedIn and the second-largest market in terms of members after the US and it has witnessed a rise in interaction and conversations on the platform since the pandemic.

Ashutosh Gupta, LinkedIn’s Indian Country Manager, stated, “LinkedIn has been mission-critical in helping people connect, learn, progress, and get recruited during the pandemic in India.”

The LinkedIn experience will be available in Hindi for people who use Hindi as their preferred language on their cell phones.

On a PC, people should select ‘Settings and Privacy’ from the ‘Me’ icon at the top of their LinkedIn homepage. Then go to ‘Account Preferences,’ pick ‘Site Preferences,’ choose Hindi, and click ‘Change’ next to ‘Language.’

Members who already have an English profile can create a Hindi profile. Adding a second language profile is present only available on Desktop. Members must first click on the “Me” icon, then “View Profile,” and finally “Add profile in another language” to create a second language profile.

LinkedIn Influencers and Creators share their first Hindi postings with their networks.

LinkedIn Influencers such as worldwide life coach Gaur Gopal Das, monk-turned-entrepreneur. With the launch of LinkedIn in Hindi, Vivek Bindra and Ankur Warikoo, the creator of, shared their first Hindi posts on their LinkedIn pages.

The addition of Hindi is part of LinkedIn’s goal to develop a more egalitarian platform, allowing more professional community members to participate.

LinkedIn in Hindi is currently available to all members worldwide on desktop and mobile devices, and will be rolled out to all iOS users over the next few days.

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