Lomotif rolls out #DanceRemix challenge


The music and audio editing platformLomotif announced its new #DanceRemix Challenge. The talented dancer and choreographer, Shakti Mohan is the face of the dance challenge and the winners would get an opportunity to virtually spend some exclusive time with the dancer and television star.

The #DanceRemix challenge would start this week and continue till 17th June. The dance challenge gives all the dancers across the country a chance to remix their dance videos and also a great opportunity to dance along with their favourite celebrities and to perform a series of popular hook steps with them. The #DanceRemix challenge gives users the chance to be an instant social media sensation. The top three contestants, who will be chosen based on the maximum number of likes, would get a cash price of Rs 2 lakh, 1 lakh, and Rs 50000 respectively.   

The millennials and Gen Z content creators can now be the next trendsetters in the world of dance with the #DanceRemix challenge, by subscribing to the official channel of Lomotif and posting their dance videos. For participating in the challenge, each of the contestants has to upload a video of themselves recreating the memories of their favorite hook step. The extremely gorgeous and talented choreographer Shakti Mohan would help the contestants to give their best foot by providing a series of dance tutorials to help them to recreate the remix version.

Shakti Mohan on her association with the #DanceRemix challenge commented that Bollywood songs play an important role in her life as she grew up listening to them and dancing to the beats. She said that just like her, the entire country has dance and music fanatics who love to dance and replicate the iconic hook steps from their favourite song and the #DanceRemix Challenge by Lomotif gives these Bollywood lovers a chance to be the trendsetters. She also added that “I’m very much delighted to be part of this challenge and I look forward to meeting amazing dancers display their love for dance and Bollywood”.

The co-founder and chief executive of Lomotif, Mr. Paul Yang, while speaking on the challenge commented that the #DanceRemix aims to provide a single platform for the entire dancing community and encourage them to celebrate their love for dance. He said that “In India, nothing unites people more than their love for Bollywood and the new #DanceRemix challenge allows users to groove to popular Bollywood song in recent years”. Yang also added that Lomotif has specially created the challenge that meets the expectations of its users and he hopes to see the best dancers expressing themselves through the dance remix challenge.

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