Mangaldeep Agarbattis’ new TVC about traditions & family values


Mangaldeep, ITC’s agarbatti brand, has developed a new range of agarbattis called Mangaldeep Upaveda. The new range includes perfumes such as camphor-tulsi and panchamrit and is built on a value proposition that connects customers to old Indian traditions.

It was launched with the ad campaign “parampara ki mehak,” which features Mangaldeep as an example of tradition. The smell of Mangaldeep’s Upaveda Agarbatti is depicted in the TVC as a thread that binds the entire family, including the younger generation.

India, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, with a nearly 5000-year history and a very complex social structure. Values and beliefs are passed down through the generations through family traditions. Traditions provide a sense of connection and continuity in the home for children.

Mangaldeep’s new TVC for Upaveda is a lovely film about family values and traditions. It stars Bhumika Chawla, Mangaldeep’s brand ambassador and a popular movie actor, as the protagonist, who uses Mangaldeep Upaveda agarbatti to bring her entire family together through traditions.

Through the scent of Mangaldeep agarbattis, the new commercial elegantly portrays how devotees feel linked to their traditions. The TVC draws to a close with a touching scene in which the complete family gathers.

Ogilvy came up with the concept for the campaign. Deepak Thomas, the director of Lucifer Circus, has used his skill, precision, and music.

Mangaldeep Upaveda is about upholding our culture amid our busy everyday life, according to Rajesh Mani, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy. Because of the historic ingredients used, it is known as the “Fragrance of Tradition.”

When a small child, always engaged in his world, gets the fragrance, he swiftly remembers his tradition. He undergoes a gentle change, as he travels through time, adopting customs and incorporating them into his everyday routine.

The traditional Indian joint family, which adheres to collectivism’s values, is a valuable resource for caring for the mentally sick. Even though the family continues to be a valuable resource for mental health that the country cannot overlook, family involvement in the treatment of mental diseases is modest.

The Indian way of life has been soiled by the shadows of cults and cultures. Longevity and health in old age are influenced by one’s lifestyle.

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