Indian Consumers belief in Healthy Lifestyle


In a recent study published by Farm-Insights, a new age consultancy offering insights and analytics, powered by Talkwalker, on the Fortune Rice Bran Oil – Sourav Ganguly case sentiment analysis, obtained from the online conversations across global platforms. The study found that a large number of young, mostly married executives used social media to address their concerns online. With an age bracket of more than 51% falling from 25 to 34. The audience was predominantly male (72 percent ). While the brand is primarily targeted at people over 40 years of age, their share of the voice in these discussions was much less than 5% of the overall chitchat. North Indian mainly stormed social media, with a peak of SOV coming from Delhi and Punjab.

The result of the report was a methodical pan India paying attention to interactions across social media and other platforms such as FB, Twitter, news portals, blogs, forums, etc. The total number of discussions was 515 which had a social media engagement of more than 16.5k with a potential reach of 450 Million online consumers.Customers exhibited more anger on the brand/corporate for just being reckless and making claims whereas the other majority showed sadness/concern for their icon’s rapid ailment and prayed for his recovery. Further, than the personal attack, the news of Adani’s temporarily halting the ad campaign was reposted by a maximum netizen.

While the initial reaction of netizens mainly showed anger with hashtags such as #boycott_fortune, which ultimately fizzled out as Sourav’s health reports were fine. The majority of consumers who conveyed their concerns were managers, engineers, entrepreneurs, consultants, health workers, and teachers.

Remarkably, food and drink were not in the top interest, which continues to show the level of belief that the consumer has the aspects of healthy living and any brand that encourages it. The discussions were mainly marked by a spike after it popped up in the news. The news brought adjectives such as ‘mild cardiac arrest,’ ‘healthy heart’ and ‘temporarily stopped the ad campaign.’ This helped to have a lesser impact on the viewers.

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