Honda Activa achieving their New Milestone


Honda Activa is a name which is very common in the Indian scooter sector which has sold more than a crore units in the first 15 years now honda is celebrating its 20 years of legacy in India the honda Activa was launched in 2001 with a 110cc air-cooled engine with a puncture prevention system that saves 70% of tyre punctures after that they bring tuff up the suspension and later it had undergone a massive facelift with a bulky design and improved its road presence in the Indian road after that people start recognizing the facelifted model and a sudden demand of vehicle increased its booking period while succeeding the path of victory they improved its version and launch a much more powerful vehicle with a 125cc.

The suspension system of Activa consist of a bottom link with a spring-loaded hydraulic damper (front), unit swing with a spring-loaded hydraulic damper (rear) later they introduced with G series in the market started making evolution in the scooter market of India the 3G was a very successful model which have a pure demand still in the market people appreciated its design which made them feel a bulky scooter with a very wide seat and increased luggage space in the vehicle.

 In 2004 the economic time declared Honda Activa as the best selling vehicle in India with its succession they launched Activa 4G with a sleek design and a facelifted 125 cc with a short time to stick in the market they launched the much newer version of its new-gen 5G the new model came with a fully-loaded vehicle with a digital meter cluster and increased seat height LED headlamps while the predecessor had halogen lamp the change in front mudguard was very much noticed and the new color schemes were introduced a more convenient and also tricky seat opening switch was introduced into the vehicle after hitting the market. now its a year after launching the new 6G in the market with increased Bharat stage norms like BS6 they have added a catalytic converter in the exhaust pipe for converting the poisonous fumes, the new model now has an engine kill switch and pass light the new BS6 version has less torque than the 5G BS4 vehicle and have increased fuel efficiency now honda Activa is the largest selling scooter in the Indian subcontinent.

Now Activa is the family’s choice when coming scooter choice due to its engine refinement and reliability and during this glorious period it has patented on puncture prevention tuff up in 2001, combi brake in 2009 a decade before the norms, Honda eco-technology (HET) in 2013 or the enhanced smart power (esp) and have applied for a new 26 patents in 2020 for the new Activa 6G. The upgrade 6G has two models for sale one is standard and the other is deluxe it has an external fuel lid opener silent start option to which works perfectly as the names say the new Activa BS6 have both 125 cc and normal vehicle and have an added option of a disc brake in the vehicle.

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