Marketers In Conversation – Dive Into Metaverse


Events and gatherings bring people closer, especially in this world of technology we have seemed to have found a way to bring people closer as well. We at Passionate In Marketing decided the need to network with people and learn more and more through people and experts.

Proudly presenting our very own webinar on the theme, Marketers in Conversation – Dive into Metaverse powered by MaxEd, conducted on the 25th of September 2022. This has marked the beginning of a new vertical to enhance and acquire more knowledge and skills on the hot and trending topics as well as the new world innovations.

Metaverse was forcibly induced on us during the Covid Pandemic but now has become an easy and conventional way to communicate and use for various fields with the use of various other technological developments of recent times. 

Our speakers, Mr. Amanjot Malhotra, country head, Bitay; Ms. Sandrina Paula, Vice President, GuardianLink; Mr. Tamagna Ghosh, Managing Director, Trailer Park Group APAC and finally Mr. Santhosh R, Co-Founder, and CMO, Elever, shared their views and insights on this topic and touched various features and characteristics of the topic.

Even though we use things on a day-to-day basis we don’t realize the extremes of such things, one such thing being the world of Metaverse. The speakers ensured that every portion of the topic was covered even when the time was limited.

Mr. Amanjot Malhotra spoke on what exactly Metaverse is, its opportunities in today’s world, and also the various other technologies that enable it to work efficiently and consumer-oriented.

Ms. Sandrina Paula touched upon the applications of Metaverse like in advertising, retail sector businesses, and education, and also how cryptocurrencies and NFTs have a significant role in shaping the future of Metaverse and enabling transactions in this new world.

The connection between the humans and the Metaverse to the next level with immersive unreal experiences and what promises the Metaverse holds for entertainment and gaming industries is what Mr. Tamagna Ghosh focused upon.

Mr. Santhosh shared his insights on the rapid technology evolution that makes metaverse possible, foreseen challenges like privacy issues and health hazards, the need for regulatory frameworks, and also emerging job opportunities and skillsets essential for them.

All four speakers took out time from their busy schedules to share their insights on the topic and also interacted with our audience clarifying their doubts and answering their questions.

The participants were from various backgrounds academicians, students, working professionals, etc. The event was conducted on the Zoom platform and available live on the YouTube channel.


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