Maruti Suzuki to halt operations, to help pandemic affected patients who are in need of oxygen


Maruti Suzuki India Ltd(MSIL) announced on Wednesday that it will shut down its factories to make oxygen available for medical needs. As we all know, all car plants need a small amount of oxygen for production purpose. The vehicle component makers use a large quantity of oxygen. The need for the same is rising everyday because of Covid-19 pandemic, which is the main reason for Maruti Suzuki to shut down its factories.

The shut down of plants will include plants in Manesar as well as Gujarat. Maruti Suzuki management has decided to advance its regular annual maintenance shut down that usually takes place in June. Its new dates has been announced from May 1-9, 2021. The country currently is suffering with an oxygen supply shortage. In this national pandemic crisis wherein patients are struggling to get oxygen cylinders, shutting down a plant will mean more supply to the people in suffering. Maruti Suzuki deciding to halt production will mean more patients can avail oxygen cylinders. Another reason for halting the production would be the rising number of cases, with the cases rising almost half of states are thinking of putting on lockdown again, with this there is even less possibility of production. Although, workers at the factories are screened each day and their health monitored from time to time. With fresh news coming in that the virus is also airborne might have also prompted this action. Though, MSIL has not said anything regarding lockdown issue. Hyundai Motor India Foundation, too has rolled out a Rs 20 crore package that will help hospitals in setting up oxygen generating plants.

The Foundation will also set up medicare facilities, infrastructure and provide support staff for immediate relief in collaboration with the State governments and hospitals. Furthermore, the Korean brand will also provide volunteers at hospitals for support and also cater to their operational costs for the next three months. This deal can further be extended depending on the seriousness of the situation. With that production of almost all of the factories of Maruti Suzuki has been put on halt. As per the sources the production activities will continue from May 1, 2021 and if the need arises the decisions will be taken accordingly


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