Mother Sparsh launches a new Campaign #AyurvedaForHairHealth


Mother Sparsh, a pioneer in baby care products, has recently opened its new branch in the unisex personal care segment and has also initiated its first leg on this unique campaign, regarding the virtues of the Ayurveda in hair care. Nowadays, more than 50.000 influencers from across different social media and digital platforms have been to post using the hashtag #AyurvedaForHairHealth as part of the campaign on Instagram, You tube, and many other digital platforms.

The first leg of the campaign has launched in February and had registered approximately about 10 million users. Including many mom bloggers, beauty, and lifestyle experts. We could also see many celebrities being parts of this, such as television actress Veebha Anand and Shikha Singh Shah. The main objective of this campaign was to make us aware of the pros of adding products, which are ayurvedic, and also about the age-old recipes in one’s hair care regimen.

Co-founder of Mother-Sparsh, Himanshu Gandhi said, “The #AyurvedaForHairHealth Campaign is more about sensitizing the current generation of millennials about the boons of ancient herbs, and Ayurveda rather than persuade the users to buy products. The USP of the launch was the user-generated content, wherein people shared their real-life experiences about how bidding adieu to non-organic and non-natural products gave their hair and scalp a fresh lease of life”.

The initial gossip around #AyurvedaForHairCare was introduced by the influencers, as they posted unboxing videos of Mother Sparsh hair care products that comprise expert formulations on the age-old Ayurvedic and natural ingredients. Some of them are Dashamoola, Japapushpa, Bhringraj, Jatamansi, Amla Reetha, Shikakai, Neem, Methi, and other Ayurvedic oils. Moreover, this campaign went on to gamers exponential visibility at a pan-India level.

Now you can look after locks with the nutritive blend of authentic Ayurvedic formulation from Mother Sparsh. They have Sparsh 30 Herbs Hair Oil -a miraculous Sparsh concoction of 30 herbs, and also has oils, which helps in transforming the dry brittle tresses. Sparsh Herb Oil prevents tackling daily hair woes like hair fall, split ends, and hair breakage. Dashmool Hair Lep has been made with a blend of traditional herbs, and potent herbs. They are used as an effective hair re-generating treatment, which helps to alleviate hair and scalp-related problems. This Herb oil helps in treating many hair problems such as breakage, dandruff, split ends, and overall enhances the hair density, as well as maintains a healthy scalp.

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