McDonald’s tries to find a balance between offering new products and services & maintaining experience


Striking the right balance between creativity and risk-taking and retaining reliable expertise is challenging, especially amid a pandemic. McDonald’s can not always be at the “leading edge” of creativity, technologies, and food developments, according to UK CEO Paul Pomroy.

Speaking at Marketing Festival he clarified that “you don’t stand still” with such a major business, the organization also has to find a balance between delivering new goods and services and retaining consistent experience.”You do more things right than you get wrong when you represent 4 million customers a day. But you also have to take chances, and part of the risk-taking is sharing creativity; adding creativity to the brand is key.

Someone advises them to take advantage of the moment, and they’re right now. Communication was the secret to this. When McDonald’s are obliged to close their UK stores, he and his management team have been told of the effect by franchisees, vendors, and agency partners. This decision fused his style of leadership with McDonald’s culture

Speaking about the way McDonald’s worked during the lockdown, Pomroy noted “the toughest decision was to close, but the hardest part was opening.” The chain is focused on fresh food from suppliers and Pomroy has acknowledged the logistical difficulty of reopening. The promotion of both McDonald’s brand principles and relevant opening details has been more critical in this moment of crisis than ever.

Queues as the reopening of restaurants have not been the case, but Pomroy said the marketing position must be changed while the organization is recovering. This ensures that I trust the team that we will make mistakes and spend money because nobody knows when local lock-ups will happen.

Pomroy also acknowledged that McDonald’s UK is “not good enough” for senior ethnic diversity. “Our ethnic diversity at a macro level looks fine, but it isn’t fine enough when you look at senior leadership. We have no racial diversity at the board level. The McDonald’s HR team establishes a talent pool and recruits a diversified selection of workers to do so, But Pomroy believes that a variety of methods will be required to maximize representation.


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