Media Mantra wins the PR Mandate for major Barista


One of the top franchises of cafes and espresso bars in the Indian subcontinent, Barista, has chosen Media Mantra as its PR firm. Media Mantra has been tasked with improving Barista’s corporate reputation, increasing brand visibility, and assisting the brand’s vigorous expansion drive in India as the company’s strategic communications partner. A key component of creating successful stakeholder engagement initiatives will be Media Mantra. The hiring of Media Mantra by Barista is consistent with its ambition to revitalise the brand with new inspiration and creativity, venture into emerging areas, and build on its long history of success in the nation.

Barista’s CEO, Mr. Rajat Agrawal, said: “Barista has improved over time in terms of both reputation and growth rates. Due to the growing number of competitors in India’s fiercely competitive market, Barista is at an interesting crossroads where it may redefine its strategy and embark on a period of rapid development and expansion. In our efforts to position our brand in the market, Media Mantra’s well-proven innovation, unrivalled skill, and wide experience will be crucial. Our company and communication demands are clearly understood by the agency, which exhibits a high level of passion. With Media Mantra as our communications partner, we anticipate entering the next stage of our expansion in India “.

Co-Founder and Director of Media Mantra, Ms. Pooja Pathak, stated: “We, at Media Mantra, take enormous delight in becoming the PR partner of a legacy brand like Barista that has transformed coffee shops into cultural hubs and much more in India. We are aware of our responsibility as strategic consultants and have a good understanding of the goals and priorities of the brand. We are eager to assist Barista’s vision and mission in what seems to be a significant success story.

“Barista is one of the biggest names in the Indian F&B market with a distinct brand story, rich heritage, and legacy,” said Mr. Rahul Mehta, CEO of Media Mantra. We are optimistic that our partnership will result in a stronger connection and level of customer involvement for the brand.

Since its launch in 2000, Barista has grown to become one of India’s leading chains of upscale coffee shops. The well-known company, which has a long history of success, serves its consumers in more than 300 locations nationwide. In addition to its standard services, Barista also distributes a variety of FMCG goods through supermarkets and other retailers.

The Indian coffee business has swiftly increased its presence in tier II and tier III towns as part of its overhaul plan. In addition to introducing innovative formats like Barista Diners, an all-day dining establishment with a live kitchen, it has also modified its menu to suit the tastes of Indians. Recently, it has increased the variety of FMCG products it offered by including chocolates, biscuits, and coffee powder.

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