MX Player structures as a Prodigious Residence to work


MX Player is a country-made video streaming and video on demand podium established by MX Media & Entertainment (previously J2 Interactive). It has over 280 million users worldwide. The platform presently operates on an ad-supported model and has a streaming collection of over 150,000 hours crosswise 12 languages including Hindi, English, and Tamil. It is accessible on Android, iOS, and the internet.

Ascending its way to the topmost on the backbone of its varied entertainment contributions and unsurpassed in-class product features, MX Player has observed a tremendous development trajectory since its commencement in 2019. Reflecting its triumph storyline is the inspection directed by Great Place to Work Institute, India that positions MX Player in India’s Top 5 Best Workplaces in Entertainment. The wanted list distinguishes MX Player’s people’s initial culture and its exertions of humanizing a vigorous and optimistic environment for the employees.

With an involvement ground of 500+ employees, the fledgling organization showed to be an enthusiastic customer centrical association that wrenches out all stops to safeguard the unsurpassed understanding for all its shareholders, be it the end consumer or the internal workforces. MX Player’s organizational strong points were replicated as Self-importance, Accountability & Authorization – importance a work environment of camaraderie, esteem and philosophy of going upstairs and outside the call of duty whilst on the job.

Speaking about the accreditation, Anjani B Kumar, Head of Human Resources at MX Player said that, any undertaking that is motivated by a strong and fostering work environment is a game strategy established to succeed.  At MX Player, they have faith in it is the clean passion and commitment of the employees which sets the underpinning of their success. It is an actual confidence promoter to get graded as one of the topmost entertainment companies in the nation and being qualified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ for the second consecutive year, he added. The Great Place to Work valuation holds tall reputes amongst workplace and culture internationally and source the feedback turned in by the employees, it estimates the establishment’s work culture and development implication.

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