Mylab Discovery solutions launch CoviSelf, a rapid antigen test kit


Mylab Discovery solutions a Maharashtra-based biotech company announced CoviSelf, a DIY Covid-19 rapid antigen test kit (RAT). The test result can be availed within 15 minutes and just for Rs.250.

They have announced that CoviSelf is the first-ever DIY antigen test kit to be commercialized all over India. The brand also announced its first Ad campaign steered by Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar.

Even though Mylab has a presence in different medical sectors ranging from human Diagnostics, food safety to agriculture and veterinary medicine, CoviSelf is to be the first-ever consumer-facing launch. The brand has obtained  necessary approvals from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to get the product helmed.

The kit comes with a swab, extraction tube, test card, disposal bag, and a user manual. adults can use themselves, where children between the age of 12-18 require an adult to help get the result, the users have to use an application of CoviSelf and the outcome on the test card is scanned via the application.

Hasmukh Rawal, Managing Director of Mylab Discovery Solutions said- Since the antigen tool kits have always been designed in a manner to operate by only trained professionals, Mylab Discovery solutions took five and half months to redesign, that everybody can use.

To check the reliability and consumer usage, we have checked on an 80-year-old granny and an adult villager, whether they can do it themselves by reading user manuals and watching demo videos. There was minimal room for error, he added.

The CoviSelf provides the buffer fluid in a bottle. Which can be used by the technicians for testing the results in the lab.

The next challenge in redesigning a home tool kit was to reduce the size of the swabs breakpoint and getting it closer to the tip. Once the swab is used, it goes to the buffer fluid and is broken inside the bottle. the tube is capped with the cap attached locking the swab tip. The tube caps also use as a dropper head to deliver a precise amount of fluid into the test card without spilling.

The test card is one-time usable and the barcode shown in the card is used to scan the results by using the CoviSelf application. There are zero chances of occurring mistakes. The application includes multiple profiles of tested users.

Currently, the brand conducts a 360-degree ad campaign to educate consumers regarding the use of tool kits and carrying out certain programs to reach out to the masses.

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