Mystic Monk have reserved the creative mandate of Expo Inn Hotel


IEML (India’s largest convention and exhibition center in Greater Noida) has given Mystic Monks full authority to create the brand identity and full 360-degree communication for New Hotel Expo Inn. The hotel caters to both business and leisure travelers and serves as a venue for visitors to Greater Noida’s exhibitions.

Creative Monk Anil Manan, founder and boss of, said of the award: What’s more, Mystic Monks are just starting out in the US market, so this win is on the cake. Manan is a veteran of the Indian advertising industry with nearly 30 years of experience. He worked for J. Walter Thompson, FCB, Uruka Delhi and McCann for 26 years before taking the plunge and quitting his job to start his own business. From Adman to his CEO, Manan said: I’ve been playing around with this idea for a while… I wanted to start an agency before I retired. Many people start a business after retirement, but I didn’t want to. At 26, I took the plunge and quit my job to start my own business,” he says.

Anil Manan
He says that when he decided to leave the company, his team, who had worked under him for a long time, also decided to follow him.
“When they told me this, I warned them that it was a good place for McCann to work and that he was experimenting with this agency. Customer Care: “From the beginning, I was used to working practically and developing creative ideas.

We understand that we work for our clients’ customers, consumers and meet their needs: “We don’t want to call ourselves a full service agency or a boutique agency. It has its own way. We are a creative agency in the sense that we provide services dedicated to all kinds of creative needs of our clients, as long as they are creative needs. Also includes interior design. Whether it’s photography, advertising, packaging, whether he’s designing, social media or interior design,” he says. When asked for insights from the advertising industry that could help him in his new role as CEO of, he paused and thought.

 “He has three C’s: creative, consumer communication, and customer communication,” he says. He adds that communication works well as long as the work is based on the client’s needs and requirements. “Now our customers are in a new era. They’re well informed about what’s going on in the market and we need to keep up,” he says. is his young agency in its third year founded by Manan, who has a career in During his time in the industry, he has helped build many brands.

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