The Co-founder and COO of SUGAR cosmeticsKaushik Mukherjee spoke about how a brand should evolve while maintaining its core values. In this changing and path-breaking marketing strategy where we don’t know what is going to happen next where in an ever-evolving world of consumers the top industrial leaders came together at a conference to discuss the use of the new innovative technologies and its multiverse for its brand promotion. 

The Co-founder and COO of SUGAR Cosmetics Mr Kaushik Mukherjee spoke about how consumer engagement has drastically changed and how these brands are an important part of their evolving strategies which would help connect the consumers. 

The brand SUGAR has always been known for its D2C brand and may not many consumers know that 55% of their revenue is from retail marketing. All the points are necessary for them and they have changed the stance that being a D2C brand is not necessary and being the best and the large brand is necessary that is how it works. 

SUGAR Cosmetics describes how they indulge in two-way communication with the consumers. Mukherjee said that today consumers are more involved in consuming shorter format videos. There is a change in the way how their consumers get influenced. 

He also talked about how brands have further moved to social media for promoting their brands and advertising. As social media platforms exploded, brands turned toward social media influencers. Today’s niche product has now become an important brand. The importance of short-form content and how these brands are both focusing on getting influencers on board to reach the masses, he also there are many platforms where the brand’s communications and promotion take place. Youtube is great for longer format videos where a brand can take a lot of time and also helps educate the consumers about the brand or the product. 

They also spoke consistently about the different platforms on which the brand communications are based. These strategies not only helped them but also gained them a huge amount of interaction on their platforms. Currently, they got over 410 million interactions on multiple media platforms. They also told that they keep tracking their social media platforms to understand the user behaviour and their reviews, likes and dislikes and suggestions as well for the brand.

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