Netflix bangs on to return with new seasons of fan favorite shows

Source: Variety

With the post of Covid and lockdown across the nation, the advent of Over the Top (OTT) platforms has increased in a significant manner. OTT platforms such as Netflix have jumped their viewership with the rapid increase of their subscription to the platform. Keeping that in mind, the platform is planning to bring out some of the fan’s favorite shows and series back on the platform with its rewind and new season this time. From misadventures to engrossing the realities with crime thrillers, Netflix moves with the signing up of the new seasons of the most popular shows on the platforms.

The platform has confirmed some of the shows that gained widespread attention from its viewers regarding the return of those series with the new seasons, it has taken a step ahead and kept the audience selection very wide this time. Netflix plans to increase and popularize the expansion of the fandom of the shows. It says that they want to gain attention just like people give attention to any Marvel or DC series. But, to a change this time the focus will be very India-centric, they confirmed that this time the shows would have that “desi” tadka of the entertainment and not the classic Netflix classic darkness that they tend to add on to every show.

Last year, Mismatched a series that featured Mostlysane’s Prajakta Koli had a massive growth of viewership as the show got much love from the audience, the producers decided to bring back Rishi and Dimple’s screen with its second season of the show soon to the platform. Also adding to this, Delhi Crime a show inspired by the Nirbhaya Rape Case also gain widespread attention for the cast’s indefinite acting and the cinematography that is achieved. The show also won the “International Emmy Award” for best series, therefore, DCP Vartika Chaturvedi and her trusted and most allied team get back and set on a new journey in the second season of India’s one of the most favorite series.

Netflix announced a list of web series and shows that it will be getting back with the second season of the same while giving the viewers the same taste that it got from the original season previously. Hence, the viewers are also building hopes from the upcoming new seasons of the shows that they loved all all-time.

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