New ad format by Pinterest automates personalized messages


This week, Pinterest launched a customizable advertisement model that enables advertisers to simplify the process of generating targeted creativity to reach particular audiences. Advertisers may build several iterations of Pins from digital assets or a product feed, importing product data automatically for target markets, such as price, location, and availability.

RevJet, StitcherAds, and were identified by Pinterest as certified collaborators to offer software resources and models to design dynamic imaginative ads, allowing marketers to minimize the time and effort that would otherwise be needed to build hundreds of personalized ads to boost revenue towards particular audiences. Marketers may also run innovative experiments to compare which advertisement drives the best results.

As Pinterest seeks to promote shopping-related behaviors on its website, the latest performance-driven format comes as Pinterest seeks to support shopping-related behaviors on its platform, which saw an 85% rise in the number of Pinners associated with shopping surfaces in the six months ended Sept. 30.

According to a quarterly survey, the rollout of dynamic creative advertising by Pinterest seeks to make it easy for advertisers to tailor their messaging on the site, whose user base rose 13 percent to 98 million in the U.S. and 37 percent to 442 million globally in Q3 from a year ago. Pinterest also offers advertisers a way to reach particular markets with advertising, and RevJet, StitcherAds, and will now further simplify the process. Dynamic creative enables advertisers to utilize a picture and content database that is dynamically merged into a customized ad dependent on viewer information in real-time, removing the need for manual customization.

Pinterest is catching up in its new format of sites such as Facebook and Snapchat, which also deliver dynamic creative, underscoring how automation advertising buyers have come to expect programmatic marketing to broaden more and more into creative ads.

As StitcherAds explains in a blog post, the early findings of personalized innovation on Pinterest are encouraging. The firm, which offers advertisers a way to configure Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat advertising, said good effects were seen from its consumers who customized their ads for Pinterest. Those measures included an overall rise in conversion rates of 55% and an increase in return on ad investment of 11%. (ROAS). Meanwhile, according to StitcherAds, the total cost per purchase decreased by 7 percent.

During the pandemic, with more individuals shopping online, personalized commercials that drive business results have become a bigger priority for marketers. Customizing advertising, though, for design departments, both in-house and at companies, can be a time-consuming operation. Approximately a third (72%) of advertisers accept that the production and distribution of social network advertisements involve manual processes that are sometimes time-consuming, noticed in a study. For advertisers, automating the process will save time and resources, while providing improved sales results.

The inclusion of dynamic imaginative advertising by Pinterest parallels other attempts to extend its variety of marketers’ offers, including those requesting a direct response. In September, the firm started providing ad placements in text search, visual search, and shoppable pins that are connected to an e-commerce website on the ‘store’ page. Last year, with its Pinterest Lens visual search app, the company also let users shop for items they find that use image-recognition technology to recognize objects with a smartphone camera. In April, the organization launched the “shop” tab to assist individuals in locating text search items in storage.

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