News First turns one


The most up-to-date Kannada information channel, News First, has grown to become one, and because its lots awaited release on Sept 20, 2020, the expectation and aura around News First seem to be paying off.

The pre-release messaging about “first-class Andhray information first, news first Andhray exceptional” (first-class means news First, news First way exceptional) seems to have struck a chord with audiences. 

‘News from News First is of exact pleasant’; ‘News First doesn’t drag or stretch news like a number of the other channels’; ‘The language they use is subtle and advanced’.  Feedback like that is commonplace across a go a phase of Karnataka’s news-viewing public. And if the number of massive and small brand sign-U.S. Over the last 12 months is any sign, then it seems advertisers too seem to have visible potential in News First.

The closing three hundred and sixty-five days were all about Covid.

News First took the marketing campaign to the villages with Hallee Chalo (allow’s pass Village-ward, drive away Corona – store Villages). The marketing campaign become latched onto through the kingdom and valuable governments. This caused renewed Covid recognition and motion in villages.

A city-focussed Covid recognition marketing campaign, My city, My safety, for Bengaluru’s rental complexes, was met with equal hobby by way of the authorities and those alike.

Relentless Covid coverage aside, information First has were given observed for a snatch of people-centric and inspirational programming.

Standouts encompass Nimma Paravagi (On Behalf Of The common man), Naanu Nanna Sadhane (Recognising business Achievers from Tier 2 – Tier 3 cities), Yaavdhu Asaadhya Valla (nothing is impossible), Vijayaee Bhava (may also Victory Be With You), Idhidhu Idhange (news As it is), Mane Mane Meenakshi (each family Has A lady Who Loves tv Serials). News First,  in reality, has loads going for it.

Fast news, Drag free news, Scream-unfastened news, extra information breaks and exclusives than some other channel, first-rate images, tastefully finished up units, anchors who appearance the element, and sturdy content material recognition. India First, top display, and many others rule its top emblem. thru frequent fast news shows spread thru the day, News First guarantees extra centered information content material.

So, it is a matter of time before we realize if News First is measuring up to the markets’ performance yardsticks. But right now, all of us from the media corporations congratulate News First on turning One. More to be received!

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