News18 Bangla announces programming for Durga Puja 2022


Bengalis are nothing sans Durga Puja! It’s a past celebration revel in and the plenty-awaited proper instances for the people across West Bengal.

The five-day-long festivities collectively convey all of Maa Durga’s devotees in prayers and happiness as they welcome the goddess domestic amid a lot of fanfare. For Bengalis, Maa Durga is like their personal daughter, who comes home as soon as in a year.

All the contributors of the Bengali community throughout the world sing and dance as they pay their homage to Her. From decking up in their fineries, pandal hopping to add classes, gorging on a selection of mouth-watering delights and more, the pageant approaches the whole lot for them.

No question UNESCO has inscribed Durga Puja because of the “intangible cultural historical past of humanity”. To seize this unique occasion’s true spirit and colourations, News18 Bangla integrates an exclusively designed application for its audience with its flagship properties, Praner Pujo and Shera Pujo 2022.

The commemoration of the programming line-up will begin from September 5th onwards, each day from 5 pm to 10 pm up to September 29th.

Retaining in mind the essence of Durga Puja, the channel will contain some emblem-new indicates and sports to extensively cowl puja celebrations and stories throughout 13 districts in West Bengal.

Going deep into the Bengali heartland, News18 Bangla will interact with sixty-four puja committees throughout the districts, upholding their goals and exhilarating approximately the education, records, and history of this mega-competition!

The ultimate aim of News18 is to entertain people as much as possible, for the News18 team is working day and night for unique entertainment.

Adding on, News18 Bangla has given you a never-seen-before programming layout. ‘Jelai Jelai Pujor Lodai’ – the most powerful software for this year’s Durga Pujo, will stream on the channel and present a series of thrilling sports with Puja fanatics across the districts.

From tune performances, recitation, skits, people dance, quizzes, and speedy fires, News18 Bangla will create the first-ever country-huge televised Durga Puja festive fever, concerning people of all ages and businesses across rural, semi-city, and urban regions.

With 24 authentic episodes, this elaborate line-up will consist of the 5-day extravaganza with a spotlight.

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