Nua launches Uplift


Nua, a consumer-direct female wellness brand announced the launch of Uplift, a period nutrition drink mix, which revitalizes essential vitamins and minerals in the human body during periods.

A symptom of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), period fatigue affects almost all of the women, causing irritation, tiredness, bloating, mood swings and breast tenderness. A safe and tasty drink, Uplift is scientifically made to relieve these signs of premenstrual syndrome.

Supported by research, this carefully made refreshing drink mix is made up of the best ingredients, which include Vitamin C, D, B, Magnesium, grape seed extract, soy isoflavones, L-Theanine and inulin.

The Co-founder and CEO of Nua, Ravi Ramachandran said, “We at Nua are continuously working towards making the lives of women better by solving their real-life hurdles. Every single component of Uplift has been an effort backed by science to make sure that periods are made more adjustable.

“All our ingredients are extremely safe, inclusive and effective. With no preservatives, no added sugar and 100 percent vegan, our focus is to ensure that every woman can aid from our period drink mix,” he added.

Uplift is a product of insights gained from our Nua community of over four Lakh women and then worked upon through intensive research in labs to reduce the issue of period pain. This innovative combination of the scientifically researched components helps the body of a woman with debloating, reduces breast tenderness, relieves fatigue and nausea, improves gut health and uplifts mood.

The drink mix should be mixed in a glass of water, around 200 ml, stirred well and used. For better results, one should consume one sachet daily for five days from the starting day of the period. A packet of five sachets of six grams each, is available at an exciting price range of Rs 199 on their website and online sites Amazon India and Flipkart.

Mumbai based Nua is a startup brand revolutionizing the women’s wellness segment in India with new and personalized solutions that address real-life problems faced by women during their in personal hygiene and menstrual health. Nua has created an innovative portfolio of products and services that include first customizable pack of sanitary pads in India and self-heating menstrual cramp pads.

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