Nutella launches its new campaign in India


 The brand Ferrero’s Nutella has started a new advertising campaign in India called “Mornings Taste Better with Nutella”.

 The new TV ad emphasises how happy Nutella makes the mornings as soon as the jar is opened. Nutella, which is well known for its delectable texture made from premium cocoa and rich, hand-selected hazelnuts, further supports its position as a fantastic breakfast partner for anybody who enjoys making their mornings happier, better, and brighter.

 The TV commercial begins with a mother waking her children up one morning. The children, meanwhile, are still sleepy and uninterested in beginning their day. Astounded by their lack of enthusiasm for the beautiful morning, the mother devises a foolproof plan to get children out of bed. The youngsters are immediately up and ready to face the day with just one pop of the Nutella jar lid. The TVC ends with the family eating breakfast together at the table. Nutella make it a “Happy start to the Morning”!

Speaking about the campaign, Zoher Kapuswala, Regional Marketing Manager, Nutella brands, Ferrero India Pvt Ltd., stated that Nutella is one of the leading brands in the breakfast category worldwide and has always strived to create happy moments and inspire consumers to celebrate breakfast with their loved ones. For millions of Indians, Rotis, Parathas, Dosas, and other morning staples have a traditional position on the breakfast plate. Breakfast is always at the core of what makes a terrific start to the day. Leveraging this knowledge, they sought to demonstrate Nutella’s adaptability by demonstrating how many Indian breads pair well with its distinctive and delicious flavour. They hope to bring this aspect to life with their India TVC campaign, and as a brand, they anticipate being many more people’s morning partner.

Managing Director of Publicis Worldwide and spokesperson Oindrila Roy stated that Nutella is an iconic brand that is adored by millions of people not only in India but also all around the world. In line with the company’s goal of expanding its penetration into more households, this campaign was developed with the intention of the brand to be present at more breakfast tables across the nation. They looked for opportunities to incorporate Nutella into the dosas, rotis, and parathas that were already on their target customers’ breakfast tables and came up with creative ways to do it. Inspiring families to make joyful memories at the dinner table, the advertisement also brilliantly illustrates how mornings are made happier with only a dash of Nutella. Multiple touchpoints, including broadcast, digital, social media, and POS, have been considered when conceptualising this integrated campaign.

The Publicis Worldwide-produced TVC will be promoted and shared on broadcast and internet media.

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