OYO Celebrates the Sparks in Every Relationship


OYO considers the relationship as an important part of our lives. OYO is entering with a new ad campaign and it is mainly targeted at couples and their relationships. Relationships are longer with OYO. OYO is always focusing on customer satisfaction and promising a quality experience for the customers. The new spot #YeRishtaHaiKhiska is only 30 seconds long featuring actress Neena Gupta. The new spot is a conversation between the elderly but not too elderly couples. Both are unpacking their things in the hotel room. The main question arising here is “Aren’t you bored?”. Finally, they end up with that they are not bored but they are happy with their OYO rooms. Relationships are long term with the relationships with the OYO.

OYO celebrates the spark in every relationship. Boring is a state of mind and mostly the people are discussing the questions related to boring life in a relationship after long years. But here the case is related to the hotel rooms. The husband is bored because of the same place, same hotel, and same room. The monotonous things are happening again and again and it is leading to a complete boring situation. But, the most comfortable part is a familiarity when it comes to the hotel room. OYO is celebrating the month of love also. They are celebrating “Propose Day’ on Twitter and it is considered as the prior before the valentine’s day celebration. This is called for the Indian ‘Romeos’ and this February is considered as the most profitable period also.

During the COVID pandemic, every customer is looking for the most hygienic places. IN the case of hotels, they seek a place that can be trusted. Nobody is ready to take up the risk of saying in an unverified place. OYO made a tie-up with Unilever for the hygienic products and disinfecting properties. This is happened last year by considering the concerns of the consumers. This partnership is an initiative for the OYO’s ‘sanitized stays’. The ‘Contactless Check-in’ is another initiative taken by the OYO. All the strategies and steps of OYO is designed for the customers and aimed at their satisfaction. OYO is always trying to come up with challenges according to the needs and wants of the customers.

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