PathStore launches ‘Abki Baar RT-PCR’ campaign


To make the COVID-19 RT-PCR test easily accessible as well as affordable, French company, PathStore started the COVID-19 RT-PCR testing campaign ‘Abki Baar RT-PCR’, offering the test at Rs. 299 only. The company is ready to bring about a major market correction within the diagnostic sector.

PathStore’s launch of its affordable ‘gold-standard’ RT-PCR testing will be a major part of the response in ensuring tourism, retail and industrial sectors functioning of the state. The Company has forecasted overall savings of over 2 to 5 billion USD a year to the treasury if the testing rates are brought down nationwide.

The Global CEO of GeneStore, Anubhav Anusha said, “The PathStore COVID-19 test will be a big shot in the arm to the global and Indian testing strategies in the fight against COVID-19. We conclude testing cost is one of the major obstacles for the economically vulnerable groups in accessing high-quality COVID-19 diagnostics equipment.

“Now, India is doing more than 15 lakh tests every day, which costs the Indian economy almost Rs 3000 crores a month on an average. With the price tag of Rs 299, it is assumed that the Indian consumers will save more than Rs 1500 crores per month, which converts into a sufficient fund to collect around an additional One crore vaccine every month or at least double the test rate.” Anusha added.

‘Abki Baar RT-PCR’ campaign incorporates one of the key pillars in PathStore’s plan for infectious disease control, universal accessibility and coverage to gold-standard testing.  The company has set up India’s largest RT-PCR and biosafety level Three testing lab, which is efficient in handling 1 lakh samples a day, and will be led by a group of 500 medical representatives trained by Mayo Clinic in the USA.

They have also started an Allied Medical Services Training Academy to solve the issue of manpower crisis for COVID 19 RT PCR sample collection in India and is currently training over 1000 people as a part of its countrywide human resources deployment to tackle COVID-19.

At the beginning of the year 2020, the parent company of GeneStore France – PathStore, in a Joint Venture with SpiceHealth started the RT-PCR mobile labs with Rs 499 testing cost. GeneStore has dropped the Joint Venture collaboration with SpiceHealth in 2021.

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