Pearson India emphasises on preparation with recent campaign


Pearson India has released the latest part of its advertising campaign. The communication goal of the campaign is to show how proper preparation can help individuals succeed. In a recent conversation, Pearson’s managing director of India and Asia, Siddharth his Banerjee said that the main objective is to reach learners and consumers, to make them understand the need for proper preparation, and that Pearson It states that its purpose is to inform you about the various products and services that it offers.

The latest campaign video was shared by Indian footballer Aditi Chauhan. In the video, she emphasizes the importance of preparing for success. A campaign video featuring Vicky Kaushal, released a month ago, conveyed the same message.

Mr. Banerjee said that ensuring Pearson is recognized by learners, educators and stakeholders as a trusted partner for preparation is an area of ​​focus for the company.
“We have also established partnerships with various players in the Indian education ecosystem to facilitate our growth. I’m working hard,” he says.

Banerjee has sought to educate people about the various products and services Pearson offers. Beyond its traditional roots in publishing, Pearson also offers digital solutions for higher education, employability, English courses, job skills and more. such as IIM. This way they can spread the message about preparedness
With Vicki Kaushal as a brand ambassador, and various other social media influencers to demonstrate the impact of preparation. This was the main theme we wanted to convey.”

Banerjee said the brand targets his users at the intersection of education and employability, primarily targeting college students and young professionals. I’m here. Bang In the Middle is Pearson’s registered creative agency, and Banerjee recalls that BITM’s consumer survey was the starting point for his campaign for this interesting brand.
“We wanted to help students and learners be better prepared. Pearson has been in the education industry for decades and has the right tools to help pave the way for success in the 21st century world. We have the expertise to provide resources, content and solutions,” said Banerjee.

Siddharth Banerjee

The campaign is a digital premiere. “This guy TG was a college student. The main way to consume content is all on mobile phones. Various forms of social he media, digital platforms, etc. are available,” he says. Prathap Suthan, co-founder and chief creative officer of
Bang in The Middle, says that once clients and agencies aligned on the #PrepareWell strategy, the rest quickly worked out.
“Speaking of which, we all used to do it when we were students. Enduring tough lessons, asking people who know how to learn violently, finding reference books, and studying with friends. It may not be the case today, but the reality is that the number of students doing the preparations only increases with each passing year,” he says.

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