PepsiCo’s new ESG summary offers a first look at their progress


PepsiCo started its business in India in 1989. It grows as one of India’s biggest businesses. Mainly food and beverage.

Today PepsiCo is released as the first ESG summary (Environmental, Social, and Governance). How the business will get this much growth and value in society. In 2021 ESG was summarized, and PepsiCo’s previous sustainability report was assessed. How it will be good for the people, leveraging the brand and make a new positive course for the planet and people. it shows the commitment in the industry to progress their company.

In 2021 ESG summary details their progress. It has three pillars – positive agriculture, value, and choice.

They helped to spread agriculture to more than 345000 acres. They aim to spread PepsiCo’s agriculture to 7 million acres in 2030. They will support the female farmers for their livelihood. For the development of the community, they give 20 million USAID partnerships. They donate 2 million for the next generation agricultural fund combined with IADB (Inter- American Development Bank).

In India, there was 28 demonstration farm. They reduce more than 7% GHG emissions (Green House Gas). As a result of this farmer, the income increased by $55 per Acer on the average estimate.

In West Bengal, PepsiCo is working with USAID the empower women farmer. They give practices for sustainable farming, irrigation facilities, techniques for crop rotation, etc. through some training programs.

They collaborate with USAID, in India PepsiCo gave training to more than 1000 women in potato cultivation. Sustainable farming practice in 2019. They aim to reach 500 extra women farmers in 2022.

In the positive value chain, they reduce  25% scope 1 and 2 emissions from the 2015 Baseline. 93% of company emissions. In 2021 based on scope 3 emission, it is increased by 5% from a Baseline, due to unequal business growth. For Indian farmers, they implemented N-Drip technology. The implementation improves the crop yield and reduces the use of fertilization. Compared to water consumption and food irrigation in some states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Punjab, it reduce by 39%.

In positive choices, they reduce saturated fat by 75% but not exceed 1.1 gram of saturated fat per 100 calories in a convenient food portfolio. In addition, PepsiCo’s beverage portfolio volume is 53% less than 100 calories when sugar is added per 10 oz severing and convenient food portfolio volume was 66% it does not exceed 1.3 milligrams of sodium as per calorie.

PepsiCo is India’s best working company to improve the nutrition status of lactating and pregnant women. In Punjab, they have a partnership with smile foundation for children aged 0-6 years in Sangrur. PepsiCo’s other brand is Quaker. It also partnered with smile foundation and launched a new section in India “Bowl of Hope”.

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