Philips announces ‘Right heat’ campaign with Alia Bhatt


The campaign ‘Right Heat’ commenced by Philips brings you to a moment through the eyes of Alia Bhatt. This shows the way Philips and her coach help her shine bright in her performance.

In an endeavor to deliver an exceptional dance performance, Alia Bhatt, like every other individual, struggles and strives while managing the warmth of pressure. It highlights how sometimes for a performance, you’re feeling the warmth, and other days when it’s less, you lack motivation, but you continue to strive through various difficulties.

Therefore, it’s only you strike the proper balance amidst all the chaos and pressure, are you be ready to shine through and witness success. The film parallelly puts into focus Philips’ innovative product offering which demonstrates how the proper balance of warmth is required for remarkable results. Only the hair gets ‘the proper heat’ shines with perfection, not deficient that straight results aren’t there and not an excessive amount of that it damages hair.

The campaign’s main idea uses this life analogy to narrate to the viewer about the new Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener, a product that provides the right heat to grant healthy, shiny-straight hair without any worry of harm.

Vidyut Kaul, Head of Personal Health, Philips India said, “Through this campaign, we would like to form a meaningful analogy between life and our product, the Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener. Many of us are facing problems in their life – but all heat and pressure didn’t seem to be bad. Same like this Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener giving the heat distribution but, this provides you only the appropriate heat, for beautiful, straight hair with minimum damage.”

“In today’s busy scenario, every individual tries to form a balance of war pressure that works for us to form the proper results. Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener provides this balance perfectly because it offers just the correct heat to induce the right straight hair look”.

“Not insufficient that it requires an excessive amount of time to straighten or an excessive amount of that it damages the hair with excessive heat. It’s very convenient to use. One gets a shiny and healthy straight hair without being the damage of hairs”.

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