Pond’s releases the latest ad ‘Bhoolna Naamumkin’ with its catchphrase ‘Googly Woogly Wooksh’


Pond’s, an American brand of beauty and health care products, is presently owned by parent company the multinational cooperation Unilever. Ponds is one of the most popular brands used in India.

Pond’s India has released its latest cold cream ad and brought back its catchy phrase “Googly Woogly Wooksh” with a different and emotional thematic backdrop.

  Previously the musical advertisements picturize women with their soft, shining face and chubby cheeks, being admired by others. But the latest ad touches everyone with its emotional and touching bond between a grandfather and his beautiful granddaughter.

 The ad picturizes the grandfather, who lost his memory, struggles to remember his granddaughter. The granddaughter tries different methods to revive their sweet memories by showing their photographs and talking about their past. But all their effort turned to be failed. But once he touches her soft face, he gets his memory back. The film was titled  ‘Bhoolna Naamumkin’ (Impossible To Forget ).

It was in 2009 this attractive and catchy phrase used for the first time for its Cold Crème Products. The ad featured women of different ages getting their cheeks pinched and being admired for their soft skin and shining cheeks.

Later the brand also collaborated with Monali Thakur, Arman Malik, and 9XM Music Channel which resulted in another beautiful version of the ad. During the time of the movie release’ Dilwale’, the brand collaborated with Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol for yet another interesting and attractive ad for the same catchphrase.

Bringing this tagline back is a change from its usual advertising messages that Pond’s as a brand had been using for the past years

Before the release of this ad film, there was another ad titled as #SeeWhatHappens, which was also conceptualized by Ogilvy India and Singapore. The ad showcased a heart-warming story of a young Indian girl who was pursuing her passion and love for boxing. It was directed by Shashank Chaturvedi (Bob) and produced by Good Morning Films.

Another ad was also released by Pond’s which was a social experiment to celebrate International Hugs Day. The ad featured a host of college students, who were allowed to hug their parents to celebrate the day.


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