Priyanka and Suresh Raina’s Maate Reveals Re-Branding Baby Products


Maate, a deliberately planned 360° health brand and a result of Priyanka Raina’s extraordinary viewpoint on being a parent, presents its new visual character. The organization’s quintessence, which stays devoted to parenthood, is as yet encapsulated in the new brand character, which goes through an extensive change. Through consistent examination and advancement, Maate keeps on acquiring the intensity of spices and a superior plan. The fresh out of the plastic new, lively and bright symbol requests the youngster inside.

“Maate creates an incredibly unique experience for each mother that allows them to choose what’s best for their child,” said Priyanka Raina, co-founder, Maate.

The organizers behind the organization, Priyanka and Suresh Raina, set out with a basic and clear genuine to them: to make a superior baby product brand made in India that all moms could use without causing a commotion, liberated from the concern of perilous synthetics, and in stage with the rising number of perceptive and wary purchasers. For Priyanka’s firstborn, her quest for top caliber, harmless to the ecosystem things caused her to understand that there are a few normal magnificence items accessible for grown-ups, however, there are just specific choices for youngsters.

She looked for guidance from trained professionals, explored creation, and was involved intently in the process to make things without the utilization of synthetic compounds to make something that is regular, vegetarian, and maintainable simultaneously. The task began late in 2016 and in this way the introduction of Maate, a simple local brand, right from item to bundling.

On getting some information about Priyanka’s conviction about parenthood, she says, “Maate makes an unimaginably novel encounter for each mother that permits them to pick what’s best for their kid.” Today, Maate has progressed significantly. It has become more educated, has more knowledge into what it is that its clients need, and above all, how Maate might improve itself. The new brand character comes at a critical second in Maate’s re-assessment of itself and its future. Maate’s morals and philosophies are coordinated with the new way of life as it keeps on looking forward, making a particular quality around itself.

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