#PyaarKaPeriod launched by Paree


Paree unveiled #PyaarKaPeriod with celebrity couple Prince and Yuvika on Valentine’s Day. The story shows a man’s role in the relationship in knowing the desires of his partners and being there for her when she experiences her period. Paree is a women-centered brand with the main intention of highlighting and pedestaling the various avatars of the contemporary Indian woman. This video is a step in that direction.

The conventional view of celebrating Valentine’s Day is to go out on intimate dates and dress up your best. Pop culture has dictated that recognizing the “important days” such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. is the benchmark of love, but there is a missing link in this idea. Love is in daily material, such as understanding the period date of your wife and caring for her during the same. As a brand, they think it is equally important for a love relationship to know and care for your wife while she is on her period.

The youth are the carriers of transition. On Valentines’ Day, they used the strong potion of love and youth to drive a revolution in the story of the period, along with the customer, Paree Sanitary Pads. The fun,’ Paree Pyaar ka Period’ is an effort to involve men and normalize and demystify periods. It encourages men, particularly during her period, to support and love their partner and paves a whole new way to love and be loved.

For decades, periods have been considered a taboo across the globe. Any conversation on the subject was in hushed voices at best. To bring about behavior improvement, we need men to step up and engage in the dialogue. As we see with the overwhelming response to this initiative, a youth star, and top influencer link Prince will play an important role in transforming this paradigm. Paree partnered with youth icon couple Prince and Yuvika to bring across this thought of caring in a relationship. Prince is a winner of MTV Roadies, Splitsvilla, Nach Baliye, and Bigg Boss 9 reality shows.

The vibrant video #PyaarKaPeriod reveals the wonderful relationship that the couple share and how menstrual conversations need to be mainstream for a safe and supportive relationship between a couple. The video has received an incredible reaction from followers who adore the playful relationship of the lovestruck couple.

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