Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by FlowerAura.

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Is there a person on earth who doesn’t enjoy flowers? Who doesn’t appreciate how lovely flowers are? Obviously not! Flowers offer the warmth of sunshine to the day and make the soul feel tranquil and happy because they unquestionably make everyone smile. In order to communicate feelings when words are simply insufficient, FlowerAura has taken on the role of your courier of emotions. Send flower bouquets online to brighten the faces of your loved ones.

Finding a lovely bouquet of flowers that exactly expresses your emotions, however, can be challenging. This is when FlowerAura steps in with beautiful flower presents of amazing varieties so you don’t have to run to florist shops nearby and be forced to make a pick from a little selection. With only a few fingertip taps from the comfort of your home, you can order stunning flowers and gifts from FlowerAura, your trusted online florist shop in India.

Since Rakhi is such a great opportunity to commemorate relationships, we reasoned that this year. FlowerAura wants to honour the family we selected. This initiative is a show of appreciation for the hidden heroes that make our daily life safer and easier.

Beyond the conventional “Raksha Bandhan” celebration, the goal was to honour some exceptional relationships, like our brothers by choice who enrich our lives. It’s that one day when we can honour those who take such good care of us. For instance, our guard bhaiya, who is constantly on hand and keeps an eye on our backs regardless of what we need.

With a hidden message to honour the special bond we have with the brothers and sisters of our choosing rather than just our closest relatives, this advertisement was expertly created in partnership with Mumbai-based advertising and film production company, Some Place Nice. This great project is a tribute to the selfless brothers and sisters in our family who always put our needs above their own and ensure that the ladies in their immediate vicinity feel safe.

Rakhi is such a lovely celebration of ties, so this time we thought why limit it to only our closest kin? stated Shrey Sehgal, Co-Founder of FlowerAura. Why not commemorate the special relationship we have with the brothers and sisters of our choosing, such as our cook and guard bhaiya. This lovely campaign, #celebrateunsungheroes, is a tribute to the selfless brothers and sisters in our family who put the safety of women before their own needs.

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