‘Ready for Sports Campaign’: A film by Adidas


The world started its count down of one more year to the biggest event in the field of Sports. Adidas has started ‘Ready for Sports’ campaign with a launch of the film, ‘What’s One More’, aiming to prepare all the players from across the globe for the upcoming 2021 sports event.

From hundreds of events canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year, the ‘What’s More Thing’ aims to connect all the players for this upcoming event as they await their return to respective sports. The film showcased how the situation affected their sports and their physical and mental health. But irrespective of this cancellation, nothing could stop them from working hard for their sports. They used this time to prepare themselves in a positive way so that they can get back to their games.

Utilizing first-individual accounts of pliability and vulnerability to motivate, the film follows the impressions of worldwide players. In the film, the athletes can be seen completely prepared for the 2021 sports event. They waited all their life for this moment, so what’s one more. The coming year is going to be a complete thrill and active session for these players.

Manpreet Singh, the captain of the Indian Hockey Team said, “We might not compete together, but there is a feeling of solidarity that wins in the games network and it is this feeling of harmony that we have to concentrate on the right moment now. ‘One More’ reminds and motivates all players to continue trying and working hard and sincerely and rise much more grounded for the coming sports event the next year.

The delay in the world’s greatest sports competition gives us one more year to get ready and I am striving to improve my performance and do well one year from now. I immovably accept that sports are an image of confidence and bliss which moves us to look forward and brings energy into our lives. I am staying positive and will continue buckling down, so when the opportunity arrives, I will be completely prepared for Tokyo”, said weightlifter, Mirabai Chanu.


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