Robot Influencers And Humanoid Robots Create A Buzz In The Social Media


Social media is all about star power where everyone desires to be in the know of the latest news, their friends, celebrities, and influencers. Humanoid Robots are now creating fire in Social Media where innovative technologies encourage human life day by day.

Social media is one place where Human to Robot interaction is growing at a rapid pace. All story about a virtual influencer begins similarly, that she is gorgeous and has a ton of followers. She is ambiguous and her character is fantastic. But she is not a real human.

Virtual influencers are fictional computer-generated characters, who have the realistic characteristics features and personalities of humans. They now became a real force with more of them appearing on Instagram and other social media platforms every week and more brands queuing up to get associated with this futuristic means of marketing. Some virtual influencers have already reached millions of followers as people all around the world continue to be infatuated with their lives. Now brands also choose to collaborate with these virtual influencers, who opened up to immense audiences.

Shudu is a successful robot influencer with more than 2.6 million followers is designed using 3-D digital animation is estimated to generate an income of 15,000 USD, which is four times higher than income generated by many human influencers. After collaboration with top brands like Calvin Klein and Dior, Shudu had appeared in magazine covers with popular celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian. 

Lil Miquela is yet another victorious robot influencer with a 2.6million fan followers, Lil Miquela received 125 USD from investors. Lil Miquela identifies itself as a change-seeking person and has also arrived a job at Dazed Magazine as a contributing arts Editor.

Humanoid Robots exhibit behavior similar to humans. The male humanoid robot is called as Android and female as Gynoid. It is administered by Humanoid Science. Humanoid Science forms the foundation for synergistic intelligence. It emerges through the interaction between the environment with expected effects over the brain, neuroscience, cognitive science, and developmental psychology.

Synergistic intelligence floors the path of a unique design that amalgamates human-like robots and human-related science. It has now spread from a far fetched thought to a possible reality thanks to advanced developments in science, engineering, and artificial intelligence.


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