Robotic Automation Tugs used in Retail Stores for Moving Goods


Generally, retailers are facing a lot many issues for the movement of the goods from the stock room to store shelves during this COVID-19 pandemic. To make the solution for this Brain Corp an AI company has to transform the robotic industry by partnering with some of the manufacturing industry. This will help them to reduce the gap that occurred between the stock room to store shelves of the retailers.

According to the news, Dane Technologies and UniCarriers Americas Corporation (UCA) are supporting this in nationwide retail rollouts. These autonomous tugs are been developed and powered by the Brain Corp’s Brain OS which is artificial intelligence (AI) software platform for raising with the help of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). To doing this Brain Corp has signed an agreement with both the companies. Moreover, these robotic tugs have to transport the material in continuation. Brain Corp has given smarter technology to robots which will move in the high traffic places, such as in the retail and grocery store passages. As per John Black, the senior vice president of new product development said that the supply chain will end at the customer but not at the back of the warehouse. This newly automated robot helps us to move the goods from the stock room to store shelves which will last about 500 feet.

After this robot, it helps in increasing the outcome of the employee’s productivity, increases customer satisfaction, and reduces the exposures of the workers with regards to comp claim. They are very much excited about released this newly invented product in the market with the help of their manufacturing partners. This intelligent machine helps the tugs eliminate the usage of employees for moving the heavy goods from the warehouse to store shelves several times in a day. Instead of the employees, this robot takes up the load up to 1000 pounds of goods which makes the employees get focused on the other works and enables the employees to take care of the customer’s health as well as safety requirements.

This also makes the employees work in separate zones and have to maintain a social distancing between the employees. After the usage of this robot also creates a huge profit for the organization by reducing the risk of transporting material and also decreases the staff turnover cost. It will also have the capability to fulfill online orders. This will be the game-changer for the retailers as well as other businesses for doing the difficult task in repetition said by Dan Johnson founder and CEO of Dane Technologies. They are very much thrilled which working with the AI technology leader Brain Corp which has much experience in public retail spaces.

Finally, these AI robots can work in any location by leveraging this teach and repeat pattern it will work based on the spot. Users can also deploy by leverage this cloud-based performance to the system on a real-time basis for providing us the reports of delivery usage, drop-offs, and more.


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