Will AI lead mobile manufacturing in the future?


According to this, the latest chips are to be made from the world’s top chipmaker as well as phone manufacturer shows that the future of the mobile hype is due to (AI) artificial intelligence shows wrong. AI-focused mobiles are to made from Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and others are also there in the making their path to the mainstream which will lead to the change in the mobile future. The new launches of phones are not creating any excitement among the people. The only improvisation is happening under the power, display, and camera.

Now a day’s companies have changed their focus into entirely different paths. In this, they are now trying to make the smartphones smarter and also merging them into the ecosystems. To achieve this the company has moved towards implementing AI. It is one of the ways which will provide recommendations to the individuals by learning about the users which is to do by setting up the features in it. This year Apple’s new iPhone X is one of the prime examples of it. This phone consists of a new A11 Bionic chip which is been called by Apple. It has a “neural engine” inside its which powers all the features and applications of the AI. They also said that it will perform up to 600billion operations per second and which is designed especially for machine learning purposes. It also has features like augmented reality, face ID recognition, and many more.

Moreover, Samsung chipmaker company has launched five new devices and it took a lot of time to explain how Samsung has made this change in their devices. This is also one of the world’s largest companies that are in the process to add AI-specific CPU into the mobile chips. Where Samsung uses the AI in S-Pen for removing the noise and also to decrease the layoff. But both companies have shown the different usages of AI. In addition to this cloud apps highlights the usage of AI in the cloud where mobile companies are focusing on cutting-edge computing. This also describes that most of the computation is carried out in the device itself.

As there is an increase in the devices to be get connected which reveals that the world is moving towards the Internet of Things (IoT) were both AI and cloud services are to be taken care of simultaneously. For example, in smart cars, the calculation is to be performed by the car itself which shows the ability of the device. To do this the car must have connected with a separate cloud.

Lastly, the best innovations are carried out inside the phones which most of the people didn’t notice. Not unless Siri or Bixby will start giving the answers to it. Thus, it shows that AI will be the future of the mobile.


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