Samaara Tea launches Ramadan campaign #NekiHarRoz


This Ramadan, Samaara Tea urges people to emanate kindness throughout the year with their Ramadan kadak campaign #NekiHarRoz. As a part of the #NekiHarRoz campaign, Samaara Tea has released an emotional video commercial pointing out the need to be compassionate and understanding.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is observed as a month of prayer, fasting, sacrifices and giving back to others by serving our community. This Ramadan, through their #NekiHarRoz campaign Samaara Tea, delivers the message that it’s of due importance to show kindness to others throughout the year, not just during the month of Ramadan.

The video commercial for the #NekiHarRoz campaign focuses on a narrative between two families- The Chopras and the Sheikhs. The ad commences with the Sheikhs, making plans for the upcoming Eid celebrations, and trying to balance preparations with their hectic work schedule. Mr Chopra, their neighbour stood there listening to their conversation, while watering his plants. In the evening, when the Sheikhs returned home, Mr Chopra had a surprise for them. He welcomes them into his family, for Iftar.

Samaara Tea is a well-established brand with a global presence in countries and places like India, UAE, South Africa, Dubai, Bahrain and Oman. The #NekiHarRoz video campaign is targeted towards Samaara Tea’s global audience in all the above countries.

The tea brand is also planning on introducing a contest to amplify the reach and engagement for their campaign. The campaign expresses gratitude towards people who believe in the true spirit of doing good deeds and prove it through their actions.

The month of Ramadan brings together friends, neighbours and families to celebrate Eid under the same roof. This Eid, as we come together to celebrate Eid with our loved ones, Samaara Tea through its Ramadan campaign #NekiHarRoz, highlights the fact that no matter your culture, ultimately its kindness that brings people together in times of need. Samaara Tea aims at bringing a positive shift with the #NekiHarRoz campaign.

Samaara Tea plans on launching many more kadak campaigns in the future for their global audience. The campaign aims at building the customer brand value by delivering messages that people can resonate with.

Reflecting on the #NekiHarRoz campaign, Mr Dheer Shah, the Director of Samaara Tea said, “Samaara Tea aims to reunite families, irrespective of their background and upbringing.”

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