SaPa launches Music Saga


“Music can touch hearts if it comes from heart”

SaPa the Subramaniam Academy of performance arts is a popular music academy started by singer-songwriter Bindu Subramaniam and violinist Ambi Subramaniam. They worship music and belives that Quality music should reach every keen learner, it should accessible to all the students who want to educate themselves in the field of music. In the last few years, SaPa launches so many courses that inbuilt them into an online format and also includes SEL (Social-emotional learning) as an integral part of it.

SaPa has launched an e-learning platform featuring some most talented personalities of the music world like American idol drummer Russ miller, Shantanu moitra,  Anup Jalota, Lyricist Sameer, Usha uthup, Pankaj udhas, Kavita krishnamurti, Dr. L Subramaniam. These are self-paced learning courses made to enhance learners’ quality of music. Rather than restricting it too boring lectures, they have to include quizzes, games, Widgets, Reading material and video lessons to make it more interesting and interactive.

The online world is new normal in today’s world, SaPa still could not compromise the essence of music and its root of delivering correct guidance to music lovers, educate them to various fields as music production, the composition of music and songwriter, Technology-driven music industry, too many varieties at one place. By simply sitting at home, one can learn as many skills as they want without further wasting their time.

One of the beautiful creation by a human is different art forms which bring taste to life. It adds meaning to the value of life, more like a treasury to preserve for a long time.

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