SAS Launched Customer Intelligence 360 Marketing Cloud Instance In Mumbai


SAS, a leader in business analytics software and services, launched a SAS Intelligence 360 Marketing Cloud Instance on August 19, 2021, in Mumbai to assist Indian customers with extraordinary facilities that provide low latency, data sovereignty, data privacy and local support.

These will allow SAS customers to extend their marketing initiatives to generate relevant, satisfying, valued customer experience tailored to each customer unique journey.

India is the fifth country where SAS instance has been launched, followed by the US, Europe, Japan and Australia.

The SAS has a unique hybrid marketing architecture that allows the organization to source and merges both on-premise traditional data sources and cloud-based data sources.

This permit organizations to avoid the time-consuming and expensive task of “lifting and shifting” data into the marketing cloud. It also provides security and governs data as per regional, federal and local regulations. It also allows the client to choose whether to host its data on its private cloud/data center or the SAS Indian instance.

In today, digital world consumers, are surrounded with more information and offers than ever before. Hence, the business that can capture consumer attention by standing out from the crowd defines the success of a campaign.  SAS Customer Intelligence 360 helps achieve it as SAS’s built on inheriting analytics strength by providing marketers with embedded predictive analytics for a 360-degree customer view.

In addition, the capabilities of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows the marketing team to get an overview of their customer’s journey through the various channels in real-time. These will allow marketers to move from data to insights to action with powerful analytics and AI technology provides a tailored customer experience that helps build long-term loyal customers and enhance profitability.

Noshin Kagawalla, VP and Managing Director of SAS India said, “With local SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Marketing Cloud Instance we, are fulfilling our promise to the customer by providing the power of SAAS. Enterprise and marketing team can now enjoy the benefit of the cloud for marketing and customer intelligence need compliance to local data sovereignty law.” 

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