Content can make or break marketing in Digital era


Experts say B2B marketers are more like publishers now. Media companies can offer good insights into generating and delivering content to the target audience.

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is undergoing a tectonic shift and corporations will got to be ready for a world driven by technology, social media, and hypermedia .

Today’s B2B marketers know that it’s critical to seek out fresh and new ways to draw in , and more importantly, engage with potential customers. Social media is vital on the other hand most B2B folks are slow to awaken thereto in India. There are heated discussions on numerous forums about “Social Media 3.0”, subsequent wave of social media.
B2B marketers must have an idea in situ for these unchartered waters. The so-called social media experts mention a fresh world where marketers are more like publishers and are focused on creating content.

We have seen this happen in B2C already. samples of leading brands within the consumer-product industry (Oreo, Dove, etc.) are often quoted within the Indian media. Even movies are doing tons more social media and viral marketing. B2B marketers are now getting clarity on using content for building brands and interesting their customers.
Know your audience. Good media companies know the heart beat of the audience, bringing within the right content and getting readers’ attention for a extended duration, a minimum of longer than their nearest rivals.
When commissioning content, marketers should consider an equivalent factors as media companies. confine mind the audience , their needs and pain factors, and what quite stories they’re going to find engaging.

Content teams should be given people, money, and time. it’s crucial to support the content team to assist it do its job—source and develop good content.

Customers today aren’t very comfortable with businesses as an entire . even as they need lost faith in most politicians, they also view businesses as corrupt and without a soul. Blame it on the various scams involving business-to-business companies and politicians or on misleading promises salespeople make. Therefore, content may be a good way to bring transparency into your business and build trust. Take excellent care while sourcing and distributing content. confirm to offer credit to the source of the content instead of writing hearsay. If you or your agencies have done a sponsored research on your products or services, or the industry itself, that too should be mentioned to avoid any conflict of interest or data sanity.

A new age involves a replacement strategy

We don’t have relevant data for the Indian industry but I reckon it’ll be much lower. B2B marketers feel that traditional media strategy won’t add new media then they’re trying to specialise in content to make awareness, drive leads and interact and have interaction prospects.
As a previous study showed, quite 37 percent of selling funds are allotted to content marketing within the US markets. within the Indian industry, content marketing is new for many B2B marketers. We conducted an off-the-cuff study among a number of our B2B customers and located that they didn’t have much understanding of content marketing and lacked the resources and talent to drive it. The other serious challenge is taking the content to the audience . As always, measurement of the efficiency of content marketing will come because the next big challenge for these companies.

From there, it’ll flow to segmentation of the content through products or services, industry verticals, buying behavior, buying stage, or strategic accounts. Market segments and merchandise or service categories are going to be prominent during this segmentation. When content strategy becomes clear, the business can look to the longer term confidently . we’ve been doing this for companies across the world for a couple of years now.

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