Shoptimize amalgamate with GOAT Brand Lab


A global D2C e-commerce brand, Shoptimize collaborates with the G.O.A.T Brand Labs for growth in D2C brands in the country. It enables the brand a potential growth and helps in expertise digitally native brands in lifestyle like fashion, home, nutrition, and personal care.

Shoptimize has grown large enterprises successfully like Haldigrams, Whirlpool, and Luminous as well as new start-ups like Paio, Iba Cosmetics, and Aadyaa.

AS COVID-19 pandemic force people to stick at their homes. This change the preference of the consumers, Including preferences for a homegrown digital brand. The majority of the crop is based on the consumer-focused brand that sticks to the D2C approach saw a rapid increase in revenue and sales. Traditional brands also accepted that the D2C channel has the potential to grow and, they also venturing into these platforms.

Shoptimize has been working in this space through growth platforms, ultimately give AI-driven real-time sights to grow businesses for D2C E-Commerce platforms. While, G.O.A.T Brand Lab mainly focused on lifestyle brands by giving opportunity in funding, seamless data perception, and expertise in marketing and product development. The association between the two brands gave a perfect fusion of working capital and technology. The introduction of G.O.A.T. brand Labs was done by Rishi Vasudev with Rameshwar Misra.

Mangesh Panditrao, Co-founder of Shoptimize, said, “The preference of consumers are now changing, they like online shopping from a wider range of products from necessities to branded ones. we’ve got seen over 300% increase in D2C industry in durables, food and lifestyle categories since the start of 2020”.

“What we also notice is that lots of D2C brands who are new within the industry don’t have the funds to grow instantly”, Panditrao said.”

“And through this partnership with GOAT Brand Labs, we see the chance to grow and help D2C markets exponentially”.

Rishi Vasudev – Co-founder of G.O.A.T Brand labs said, “Our aim at G.O.A.T Brand labs is to supply a much better opportunity to consumers by giving brands, also their creators grow and thrive. Through this association with Shoptimize, we’ll enable the brands to hold driven growth perception and device that our experts built. And these tools together with industry holds potential for huge value creation”, Vasudev said.”

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