#Stayathome challenge from Kingfisher and InMobi


As the pandemic reached 85 percent of the world, the government, retailers, and consumers needed to play their role in preventing the disease from spreading by contact, especially in hotspot areas. With a rapid increase in cases, consumers need to stay away from public areas and spend happy times inside their home.

As a brand, Kingfisher is not just associated with beer but also with ‘Good Times.’ It is an important part of people’s happy moments in life, whether it’s a get-together, a birthday party, a farewell, or a relaxing evening. The pandemic has brought all these to a standstill. Kingfisher aims to convince customers that the good times shall return, but only if each and everyone plays their part. Kingfisher tried to tackle the problem by spreading awareness with #Stayathome gamified challenge.

Kingfisher decided to make sure it reached residential premises to optimize the message’s effect. The enforcement of Janta curfew instantly caused an increase in the usage of mobile apps by 80-100 percent, especially news. To deliver the ad experience, InMobi Audiences merged mobile-first and location-based signals. The brand has targeted regular guests to the restaurant/pub, music fans, social media users, game enthusiasts, and staff in business parks. The initiative also addressed precisely Apartments, Condos and Houses, Luxury Residential Dwellers, and Gated Communities using InMobi’s polygon geotargeting.

The game motivated people to take part in a gamified # StayAtHome contest. The main character in the game was the brand mascot of Kingfisher, The Kingfisher bird and the goal was to guarantee that the bird does not leave home. When the target is reached, a screen appears to congratulate the player and “Keep the good times tucked indoors. Stay home and stay safe. 

In times of adversity, brands play an important role in an individual’s life, culture, and society. Through the ‘stay at home’ initiative, Kingfisher aspired to put a huge social callout to the existence, thus interacting with the fans in a strikingly quirky fashion. The InMobi platform played an important role in the development, hosting and promotion of this innovative gamified brand experience


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